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Webster City Office

522 Second Street

Webster City, IA 50595

401k Advisory Services

Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your investment goals for your company 401K plan by providing personal attention and quality services.

How We Help You Succeed

We provide a consistent and documented process for business owners and investment committees to meet goals, maintain confidence, and achieve fiduciary excellence.

Reach Your Goals

Maintain Confidence

Achieve Excellence

Our Services

We offer a range of planning resources and services to help you reach your goals:

  • Development of Investment Policy Statement
  • Facilitate Provider Request for Proposals
  • Analyze Provider Proposals
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Construction
  • Investment Due Diligence & Monitoring
  • Employee Education
  • Periodic Plan Reviews
  • Coordination With Other Professionals

How We Communicate With You

We offer scheduled planning reviews, scheduled investment monitoring reviews, regular check-ins, and ongoing education opportunities. You can also count on a response within 24 hours whenever you contact us with a question or concern.

Our Fee Structure

Our investment advisory practice is fee based. Our annual advisory fees are calculated simply as a percentage of assets under management. Our fees are not based on trading activity or commissions. We believe all client needs are unique. Consult your advisor for fee arrangements specific to your circumstances.

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