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Client Account Access

eMoney Wealth Manager

eMoney is a great tool for everybody to use and helps to give you a visual of where you are sitting at financially.  This site serves as a central location where you can sign in once and see up-to-date balances on virtually any account you own.  Once a login has been established you can customize and aggregate all of your accounts - from your securities we manage to your mortgage or car loan to even your employer's 401(k) plan.

If you have not logged into this site before, or if you have forgotten your password please contact Mady at or at 515-832-1319.  


OneView Consilidated Client Account Access

OneView is your access to view reports and performances of all of your accounts under our management.

If you have not logged in before, click the button below and then click "Register Now" next to Client underneath the User ID box.



eQuipt provides you access to your Pershing investment account anytime of the day.  Viewing balances, holdings, account activity or any account profile information on any of your Pershing accounts has become easy!  eQuipt automatically displays all accounts linked to your social security number and you also have the ability to link your spouse and/or children's accounts to your login.

Would you like to go PAPERLESS?  This is the site to login to select that preference.  If you would no longer like to receive those paper statements, confirmations, and/or tax documents, click the Green Paperless icon after login.

If you have not logged into eQuipt before, there is a quick ONE-TIME enrollment process to set up your user ID and password.  In order to do this you are required to enter some basic identity-verification information.

For help with enrollment/login, please click here.

eQuipt Access

AssetMark eWealth Manager

This platform provides you with up-to-date information on your AssetMark account.  Here you will find account statements and tax documents.